„Zarif" stainless steel bowl

  • noble design
  • heavy execution
  • double-walled
  • non-slip
  • firmly connected rubber ring
  • 0,47 l/ Ø15,5


  • 470 ml
Order number
73862 Ø 15 cm / 470 ml
73863 Ø 19,5 cm / 950 ml
73864 Ø 21,5 cm / 1800 ml
Discover the "Zarif" stainless steel bowl - the perfect combination of elegance and... more
Product information "„Zarif" stainless steel bowl"

Discover the "Zarif" stainless steel bowl - the perfect combination of elegance and functionality for your pet! With its elegant design, this bowl is not only a practical food and water dispenser, but also a stylish accessory for your home. The "Zarif" stainless steel bowl impresses with its heavy design, which ensures stability and durability. Made of high-quality stainless steel, it is both rust-proof and easy to clean. Your pet will love the pleasant drinking and eating experience this bowl provides. With its double-wall construction, the "Zarif" stainless steel bowl provides an insulated environment. This helps maintain the temperature of the food or water longer, allowing for a fresh and appetizing meal for your pet. The bowl is equipped with a permanently attached rubber ring that provides a non-slip placement on the floor. You can be sure that the bowl will stay in place while your pet is eating or drinking. This also prevents food or water from spilling. Give your pet the best - choose the "Zarif" stainless steel bowl with its classy design, heavy-duty construction, double-wall construction and non-slip rubber ring. Make sure your pet dines in style and comfort!

Größe: Ø 15 cm / 470 ml, Ø 19,5 cm / 950 ml, Ø 21,5 cm / 1800 ml
Material: Edelstahl